Showcase your Products in AR

Enabling your products to be shown in augmented reality allows your customers to see them in a projected 3d version in front of them using an iphone or ipad. They will be able to see every detail of the product, the real life size, and reposition it in their environment.

Creation Process

To create a 3d product and enable it to be shown in  augmented reality, there is some magic to be done:

1. Using the images from the different angles of the product and its dimensions, our AR team begins the creation of a 3d model: modeling in low and high polygon for a subsequent texturing process.
2. Once the model is ready, the file is converted into a Shopify compatible one and uploaded to the platform using the 3d warehouse app and the product is ready to be viewed in Augmented Reality!

Try it out

Experience this revolutionary technology first hand. Visit our demo store and view the products in Augmented Reality using an iphone or ipad and by clicking on the AR symbol on the right upperside of the product photo.