Migration Services to Shopify

We'll migrate your old E-Commerce website to Shopify and keep your Search Engine Rank maintaining and retaining so don’t lose what you have and get your online business fully setup and launched on Shopify

Our Migration Services

Replatform your existing store to Shopify the right way. Our straight forward service is either A-La-Carte migration of data or an entire migration and setup of your Shopify store. Our process to get you fully migrated from your existing shopping cart to Shopify is complete and everything you need to get fully launched on this modern platform.

Get Any Platform Migrated to Shopify

We support over 75+ e-commerce platforms and move them to Shopify witch is the best e-commerce platform available with a bunch of amazing features to get you ready for your e-business. 

Wonder how to migrate your online store to Shopify? Acerti will help you with the service to run your migration go seamlessly. We support transferring all product data, product reviews, customer information, orders, categories, links, SEO, and so on to your new Shopify store from A-Z. 

Migration from Magento to Shopify

Magento migration - don't wait until it's too late. Magento 1 End of Life is June 2020. When support ends, Magento 1 sites will become increasingly vulnerable to security threats and no further features or innovations will be added. This means the continued security of your customers and your business would be at risk.

Many merchants who are currently on Magento 1 will look to replatform to Shopify due the benefits that Shopify has for security and total cost of ownership.

Why Shopify?

Trusted by over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping and businesses built on Shopify supported $183 billion in global economic activity from 2016-2018.

Businesses using Shopify delivered more than $100 million in economic activity in 40+ countries, and more than $1 billion in 12 countries from 2016-2018. That's why we only build the web stores of our clients over Shopify.

Migration Tasks

Acerti has an expert team of Shopify Experts, highly specialized in migration tasks. Let us take you through the components required to safely migrate your store.

2 Plans Together to Provide the Best E-Commerce

Our Promotion will give you the full migration of your actual platform and the best design and components in Shopify for an unbeatable price.

Selecting our Migration and Unlimited Plan together + any of our monthly support plans you will get your webstore migrated to Shopify with the best design and components and ready to be supported by our team with one of our monthly plans.

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