What We Do

At Acerti, we specialize in e-commerce and therefore believe that in the e-commerce's world, all the companies should have the same opportunities in order to grow and be successful. 


Acerti is an e-commerce startup that provides a complete rank of required solutions, from the conceptualization, design and development, to the entire operation of the e-commerce, providing this way, a 360° service. We design, develop and manage e-commerce's solutions in a complete concept - from the creation to the administration of it.


At Acerti we deliver the web stores with the Web Design the client desires in order to start selling their products. We also offers the option to have the client's products at an Augmented Reality (AR) for a higher interaction with their customers.  

Our clients have the option of using QR codes integrated with their promotional materials, allowing the costumers to reach the shopping carts in seconds, without making any single click. 

We can help any business migrate safely from their actual platform into Shopify, the World leading e-Commerce Platform – the results?  A successful, friendly online store for customers to visit and buy your products. 

Managed Services

We operate your E-commerce in a 360° scale.  From the changes and adjustments our clients could require, to a centralized customer support team that is available daily to attend the needs of their final costumers from any interaction channel.

Introduction to Acerti

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Our E-commerce Approach

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Acerti Management Team

We are motivated to deliver the best e-commerce to our clients, always prioritizing our clients' needs in order to take their online business to a level in which they feel confident to start selling in the virtual world.  We believe that if we support and operate our client's e-commerce from the beginning, our clients will be able to focus and spend their time on other life's activities, yet at the same time, monitoring their online business' performance. 

We encourage our clients to understand the culture and impact of an E-commerce, as our digital future is being revolutionized with every successful online store. We are ready to be the support team behind your successful online store. 

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