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Our SAP Consulting Team and SAP Tax & Revenue Management Solution work together to deliver the best solution for increasing collections and maximizing taxpayer compliance with unified contribution, revenue, and tax management in the following areas:

Taxpayer Online Services: Simplify taxation by enabling interactions between taxpayers and tax agencies.
Taxpayer Registration and Party Management: Streamline the registration of central taxpayer accounts and management of third parties.
Taxpayer Returns and Assessment: Improve accuracy and efficiency by managing the complete life-cycle of tax returns and assessments.
Financial Customer Care and Dispute Management: Get a full view of customer financial information to answer inquiries and resolve disputes quickly.
Receivables Management and Payment: Manage receivables, payments, and reporting of high volumes of financial transactions.
Credit and Collection Management: Tailor credit decisions and collection management processes to customer profiles.
Case Management: Improve case coordination with real-time collaboration across multidisciplinary service delivery teams.


Together with SAP Industry Solution for Social Protection & Benefits, we provide a range of integrated functions and specific service transactions to support comprehensive electronic processing of social benefit applications.

The central feature of the Social Services component is the configuration of automatic application processing. On the basis of rule-based checks performed by the system, submitted applicant data can be automatically analyzed and processed. As a result, the caseworker has a minimum number of tasks to perform and can focus on the most important ones. If required, you can even support fully-automated application processing with the below functionalities.

Web Request: This online-based application for a social service starts by filling out and sending the application-specific data in a Web request.
Social Service Plan: Once a social application has been completed correctly is approved, additional social services are requested in a subsequent transaction known as the Social Service Plan.
Payment: You can use this payment procedure to enter a social benefit for a citizen in advance that can then be paid out once the citizen makes the appropriate payment request.
Social Deduction Plan: In Social Services, you can enter the financial commitments of an applicant in a specific service transaction known as the Social Deduction Plan. You can automatically deduct commitment amounts (such as rent or medical insurance).


Get the business-critical insight you need to manage the flow of information, on-premises or in the cloud, and build your digital future with our document management solutions. We deploy best practices, design personalized guidance and offer tailored assistance to provide the highest quality consulting services for document management.

Acerti provides a range of outsourced digitization and paperless services at the heart of its business. Our consultants will be happy to capture and analyze your existing paper processes to devise digital ideas and opportunities to reduce costs and save time.

Acerti offers a one stop shop for businesses to make the transition from paperwork to paperless. Our electronic document management services include document management outsourcing, project management, system design, implementation, support, training, and a whole range of business process services to help you on your journey to a paperless and efficient office


We Deliver Program | Project Management consulting services specialized in assisting organizations in bridging the gap between organizational strategic intent and project management goals, also known as Strategic Project Management. Our goal is to empower you and your organization to make important strategic and operational decisions quickly, and seamlessly translate those decisions into action.

Chief among our Project Management consulting services is Execution. Execution is the result of thousands of decisions made every day by employees acting according pertinent and available information, and within their own self-interest.  More precisely, successful project execution results from activities that are well planned, communicated, aligned from top-to-bottom, monitored, controlled, managed and rewarded.  Hence, strategic execution greatly benefits from effective and efficient project management approaches and disciplines.


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